About us

  • Readish lets you create Web lists to share compelling stories or lessons. Use Readish to group valuable links, pin eye-catching thumbnails, and write editorial remarks. Update and rearrange any time.

    Search engines are great. But the links you find are easily lost - even with the help of bookmarks and social networks! Readish is a free platform that helps you quickly organize Web bookmarks into lists, or "Courses." Then share and monetize them. 

    Express yourself through courses.

    • Create “courses” from any media that can be viewed in a Web browser,
    • Take advantage of the Web’s abundant videos, photos, audios, slides, games,
    • Post URLs into our “Web Waiter” to automatically extract summary and thumbnails,
    • Group items into these sections: “Dishes,” “Chops,” “Desserts,” References,

    Readish encourages a cycle of constant discovery, sharing, and improvement.

    • Learn as you research, browse Web pages, and build Web lists,
    • Draft a course first, study in detail later,

    • Learn from your peer by reading their courses,

    • Retain courses to review, improve, and share. 

    Pace your reading, share courses, and earn revenue from ads.

    • Subscribe to courses to keep them in your personal collection,
    • Mark items as “Started,” “Skipped” or “Completed,”

    • Share with friends via their user names, emails, or social networks,

    • Invite friends to edit, improve, and remark on your courses, 
    • Keep some courses "Unpublished," "Closed," or "Secret,"
    • Display third-party ads to users who view your courses,

    • Readish will also insert an ad box to keep our service free of charge.

    Keep your contents in the cloud.

    • Readish only hosts your text and links, and not images, videos, or other media,

    • We believe the leading cloud services are doing a wonderful job. You can best benefit from their wide user base by placing your media on their powerful servers.

    Happy hacking education with Web lists!


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